Tag%20Team%20:%20Welcome%20to%20the%20third%20and%20final%20round%20of%20our%20new%20game%20of%20tag%2C%20where%20our%20favourite%20style%20bloggers%20model%20our%0D%0Aindispensable%20TNA%20Torres%20pant%2C%20then%20tap%20someone%20else%20to%20continue%20the%20chain. Check%20out%20the%20latest%20in%20the%20@Aritzia%20Magazine.%20Tag%20Team%20-
Tag Team
Tag Team

Tag Team

Welcome to the third and final round of our new game of tag, where our favourite style bloggers model our indispensable TNA Torres pant, then tap someone else to continue the chain.

If you aren’t clued in on our super-fun game of fashion tag which pairs some of the Internet’s most valuable style mavens and our perfect TNA Torres pants, then get acquainted here. This issue, we reveal our third and final set of bloggers. Last week we left you wondering who Jackie See would pick. The answer? “I'm tagging Cheryl Goh of Wolf Gypsy because she is such an inspiration and I love her style to bits!”

CHERYL GOH wearing the TNA Torres pant in Camilla.

Cheryl Goh’s style is as lighthearted and playful as it is otherworldly and sophisticated. The self-proclaimed flowerchild, who has a penchant for crystals and all things celestial, keeps us coming back to her blog Wolf Gypsy with posts that fuse her keen eye for fashion with her spunky spirit.

OCCUPATION: Fine art student majoring in painting
DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE IN THREE WORDS: Edgy, eclectic, creative
WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE? A detective, archaeologist, pirate, gypsy, ballerina, artist, and a zookeeper all at once—and I still do! One day.
NAME THREE PEOPLE, DEAD OR ALIVE, WHO YOU’D WANT TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Tom Hiddleston.
NIGHT OR DAY PERSON? I am definitely a creature of the night.
DOGS OR CATS? I can never decide on which!
DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS? A cute little badass Shih Tzu called Fifi! She loves to sleep on the coffee table.
WHAT’S YOUR VICE? I procrastinate a lot.
FIRST MEMORY: Being at my grandparent’s house, munching on slices of bread that I would flatten between my palms, and humming along to the theme song of Barney.
SPIRIT ANIMAL: Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time! She’s lumpin’ awesome.
SECRET TALENT: I’m great in bed…I can sleep all day!
GUILTY PLEASURE: Shopping and chocolate. Imagine both at the same time….
FAVOURITE ARTIST: Charmaine Olivia. Her artworks are simply beautiful and she has been inspiring me for years.
WHAT BOOK IS ON YOUR NIGHTSTAND RIGHT NOW? I am currently re-reading my favourite book, Heartsick by Chelsea Cain. I love how people think it’s some cheesy romance novel when they look at the title, but it’s not.
YOU WIN THE LOTTERY—HOW DO YOU SPEND IT? Buy all of the shoes on my wish list first. Then maybe go on a mini shopping spree and save the rest for future use.
DREAM VACATION: I want to go hunting for lost treasures in Egypt, swim with millions of jellyfish at Palau’s Jellyfish Lake, hang out with the beautiful animals in Africa, go bungee jumping in New Zealand, diving at The Great Barrier Reef…the list is endless!
FAVOURITE SONG OF ALL TIME: I have many all-time favourites but one of them is “Intro” by The xx.
YOUR HERO: My mom. She always works so hard to provide for my family and has sacrificed so much for us.
LAST CONCERT YOU WENT TO: Neon Trees. It was so amazing to dance the night away to their awesome songs and mosh with all the crazy fans.
WHO ARE YOU TAGGING, AND WHY? I’m tagging my lovely friend Jennifer of Art In Our Blood. Her fashion style is ultra amazing and she is such a huge inspiration to me! It would definitely be interesting to see what she comes up with for an outfit with the Torres pants.

JENNIFER WANG wearing the TNA Torres pant in Purple Royal.

Jennifer Wang likes to believe that we all have a little art in our blood. For this 17-year-old California native, fashion, not unlike paint on a canvas, is a manifestation of the artistic vision running through her own veins; something she showcases on her blog, Art In Our Blood.

OCCUPATION: Senior in high school
SIGN: Virgo
DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE IN THREE WORDS: Romantic, edgy, and character-oriented.
WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE? I only worried about being happy.
NAME THREE PEOPLE, DEAD OR ALIVE, WHO YOU’D WANT TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Definitely Robert Downey Jr.! Also, Tom Hiddleston, and Alexander Wang.
NIGHT OR DAY PERSON? Night owl for sure. It’s the best time to get some complete peace and quiet in the house.
DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS? Yes, I have two Old English Sheepdogs named Dolly and Charlie, and a chinchilla named Chin Chin.
WHAT’S YOUR VICE? Worrying way too much about everything.
WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF? My hair, although it’s rather heavy to be honest!
FIRST MEMORY: Going to preschool and eating gingerbread cookies.
SPIRIT ANIMAL? Does Iron Man count?
SECRET TALENT: I’m really good at Dance Dance Revolution; I don’t know if many people still play that though.
FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: Sherlock Holmes; my blog name comes from a Sherlock Holmes quote, actually.
GUILTY PLEASURE: Any food with potatoes.
FAVORITE ARTIST: Jean Paul Gaultier
DRINK OF CHOICE: Hot chocolate.
YOU WIN THE LOTTERY—HOW DO YOU SPEND IT? I would put it towards paying all of my college expenses, and then after buying gifts for my family and going on vacation to Disneyland, I would put the rest in the bank and save it for the future!
DREAM VACATION: Any sunny and relaxing island where I can be free of my stresses.
FAVOURITE SONG OF ALL TIME: “Lost Without U” by Robin Thicke
YOUR HERO: My two dogs.
LAST CONCERT YOU WENT TO: I have never been to a concert.
WHO ARE YOU TAGGING, AND WHY? I choose Ashlei from Faltering Bird because she’s one of my closest friends I’ve met from blogging, and I love the earthy and romantic vibes of her style!

ASHLEI LOUISE wearing the TNA Torres pant in Font.
Portland, Oregon

On her blog Faltering Bird, Ashlei Louise spotlights her romantic, girlish style—she was born to wear short skirts and thigh-high socks. The only thing that rivals her fashion choices? The gorgeous spots across the Pacific Northwest that she and her photographer boyfriend manage to scout out for the shots.

OCCUPATION: Slacker/cheating the system
SIGN: Cancer
WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE? An animator. It hasn’t really changed much over the years. Now I’m into film and writing screenplays.
NAME THREE PEOPLE, DEAD OR ALIVE, WHO YOU’D WANT TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Hmm, I actually have no idea. Can I pick my boyfriend three times in a row?
NIGHT OR DAY PERSON? I can be both. I like staying up late, but if I have to get up early, I can do it and be disturbingly peppy about the whole ordeal.
DOGS OR CATS? Cats, duh! Dogs are rad, too, but I grew up with cats so I prefer them.
DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS? A cat and a dog. My cat is named Bounty and my dog is named Kibo, which is the Japanese for “hope.”
WHAT’S YOUR VICE? Probably speaking my mind too much and being way too frank about it. Sometimes I feel like it’s a vice, but to me I’d rather say too much than too little.
WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF? That I’m loyal. I might be too frank or mean sometimes, but if someone is nice to me, I’ll have their back forever.
FIRST MEMORY: It’s actually a very old one. I’m in a crib with mesh sides on the back patio of my childhood home. There’s a blanket over the top—so I don’t get sunburned, I assume. I remember trying to stand against the side of the mesh, my hands sinking into it for support, as the interpreted light filters through the mesh. I remember it was very hot. I can hear my parents in the front yard, talking to someone. I remember, at this point, I can’t understand speech, so it all just sounds like mumbling to me. I’m not sure why I remembered this—it seems so mundane.
SPIRIT ANIMAL: Probably a wolf.
SECRET TALENT: I’ve been told I can sing really well. I don’t really pursue it, though.
FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: Cloud Atlas is a pretty new movie that got really mixed reviews. It was actually voted Time magazine’s biggest flop of 2012. But the movie is really amazing and full of heart, and the same actors play multiple roles. Tom Hanks in his role of a futuristic tribesman in the story called “106 Years After the Fall” in that movie is the character I choose. I don’t believe they ever say his name in the movie, though.
GUILTY PLEASURE: Anything with sugar.
WHAT BOOK IS ON YOUR NIGHTSTAND RIGHT NOW? I actually don’t read much, but the book on my nightstand is The Dingle Ridge Fox & Other Stories—it’s some monthly reader book from some long bankrupt company from the ’70s. It’s got a really well rendered fox on the front, and is full of a lot of really inspiring short stories that all center around animals. I found it thrown on the floor of a vintage store when I was clothes shopping with my friends.
DRINK OF CHOICE: Whiskey and Lemonade
YOU WIN THE LOTTERY—HOW DO YOU SPEND IT? I’d like to say I’d put at least 95 percent of it in a high yield bank account and just live off the interest. (One million dollars would create around $60K of interest a year, if you get a good enough account.) But I know I’d blow some of it! I’d probably pay off my parents’ house firstly, fix up my boyfriend’s truck, or get him a new car secondly, and then go somewhere awesome afterwards.
DREAM VACATION? Anywhere is great, so long as all my friends are there. I find all too often people spend a ridiculous amount of money on vacations and things to have fun, when they’re just trying to make up for something they lack. I already have everything I need right here—whether it’s Las Vegas or the living room, I think we’d all have the same amount of fun.
FAVOURITE SONG OF ALL TIME: Right now it’s probably “We Are The People” by Empire of the Sun.
YOUR HERO? Anyone who stood up for something they believed in and never backed down.
LAST CONCERT YOU WENT TO? Oh god, I can’t remember! Probably my friend’s local band, The Sharks From Mars.
WHO ARE YOU TAGGING, AND WHY? I’m tagging Courtney Burgam of A Bevy Of, and I’ve chosen her because she is a very dear friend to me, and I think she looks dang good in a nice pair of pants! She was the very first blogger I ever became friends with over the internet, and I feel like we both really matured into learning how to blog together. Whenever I have a question or need an opinion on something, she’s always there with a well-formulated and helpful response! She’s a very good person in general, so she was, of course, one of the first people that popped into my head when I was choosing who to tag!

COURTNEY BURGAM wearing the TNA Torres pant in Celestial.
Detroit, Michigan

Though some deem fashion and feminism mutually exclusive, Detroit-based blogger Courtney Burgam believes otherwise. On her thought-provoking and sartorially inspiring blog, A Bevy Of, she shows off her Salvation Army finds and shares an essay on why women should keep their own last name when they get married.

OCCUPATION: Graphic designer
SIGN: Libra
DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE IN THREE WORDS: Eclectic, expressive, creative
WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE? The first woman president of the United States!
NAME THREE PEOPLE, DEAD OR ALIVE, WHO YOU’D WANT TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, and Hillary Clinton
NIGHT OR DAY PERSON? Day. Used to be night, but growing up does things to you.
DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS? Buzz the Golden Retriever, Luna the Boxer, Mustache the Ragdoll cat, and Ponytail the domestic longhair cat
WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF? My ranting and writing ability
FIRST MEMORY: My dad holding me over his shoulder when I was about six months old.
SPIRIT ANIMAL: I’d probably say a horse.
SECRET TALENT: I am an ice dancer and cellist.
GUILTY PLEASURE: This game on my iPhone called Bubble Mania
FAVOURITE ARTIST: Music: Fleet Foxes, Man Man, Sleigh Bells, Tim Fite, and way too many more! Visual: John Maeda and Jessica Hische
WHAT BOOK IS ON YOUR NIGHTSTAND RIGHT NOW? The last time I kept a book there the dog ate it! It was The Scarlet Letter.
YOU WIN THE LOTTERY—HOW DO YOU SPEND IT: Donate most of it, rescue animals, start my own graphic design studio.
FAVORITE SONG OF ALL TIME: “So Much Beauty in Dirt” by Modest Mouse
YOUR HERO: Feminists...all of them!
LAST CONCERT YOU WENT TO: Horse Feathers in Ann Arbor, Michigan

And there you have it! This concludes our final round of Aritzia's first game of style tag. Want more? Us too. Look out for future editions of TAG TEAM to see which must-have Aritzia item and trendsetting bloggers will be featured next!