Postcard%20From%3A%20The%20Netherlands%20:%20This%20month's%20postcard%20comes%20from%20the%20beautiful%20and%20stylish%20Floortje%20van%20Cooten%2C%0D%0Aa%20Netherlander%20who%E2%80%99s%20incapable%20of%20taking%20a%20bad%20photo%20(seriously%2C%20girl%20knows%20how%20to%0D%0Awork%20it).%20On%20her%20personal%20fashion%20blog%2C%20Floortje%20Loves%2C%20the%2018-year-old%20showcases%0D%0Aher%20impeccable%20taste%20in%20clothes%20and%20treats%20readers%20to%20fun%20DIY%20projects%20like%20making%20a%0D%0Asnazzy%2C%20glitter-lined%20transparent%20clutch%20out%20of%20a%20VHS%20box.%20Van%20Cooten%20recently%0D%0Aescaped%20the%20chill%20of%20Holland%20for%20a%20dream%20vacation%20in%20Malaysia%20that%20will%20make%20you%20want%0D%0Ato%20book%20the%20next%20flight%20out.%20%3Cfont%20color%3D%22%23999999%22%3EIllustrated%20by%20Matt%20Huynh%3C%2Ffont%3E Check%20out%20the%20latest%20in%20the%20@Aritzia%20Magazine.%20Postcard%20From:%20The%20Netherlands%20-
Postcard From: The Netherlands
Postcard From: The Netherlands

Postcard From: The Netherlands

This month's postcard comes from the beautiful and stylish Floortje van Cooten, a Netherlander who’s incapable of taking a bad photo (seriously, girl knows how to work it). On her personal fashion blog, Floortje Loves, the 18-year-old showcases her impeccable taste in clothes and treats readers to fun DIY projects like making a snazzy, glitter-lined transparent clutch out of a VHS box. Van Cooten recently escaped the chill of Holland for a dream vacation in Malaysia that will make you want to book the next flight out. Illustrated by Matt Huynh

FROM: Floortje van Cooten
TO: Aritzia
SUBJECT: Holiday in Malaysia
LISTENING TO: “Summer Paradise”—Simple Plan ft. Sean Paul

Hey girls! I write to you from Holland, where it’s very cold, grey, and snowing. It’s like a winter wonderland when I look outside my window. But while I may be sitting in my room (in the small village of Lienden, where I live), studying hard to get my fashion business diploma this summer and busy updating my blog, Floortje Loves, my heart is in Malaysia. I just returned from a two-week trip and, oh dear, there is so much I need to tell you!

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? My mom and dad have been married for 20 years and to celebrate, they wanted to make a trip along with me and my younger brother. We wanted somewhere warm with lots of sun—basically the opposite of the Netherlands right now!—and after getting lots of advice from friends, we finally decided to go to Malaysia. We started our holiday in Kuala Lumpur—the Manhattan of Malaysia. It has some of the biggest shopping malls I’ve ever seen! So…we did lots of shopping, of course. I got two lovely dresses, one for the summer made of linen with colourful beads on it, and another more appropriate for winter that’s dark brown with beautiful golden beads. But we did much more than just shop: We visited Chinatown, Hindu temples, a pasar malam (night market), the Petronas Twin Towers, and we had dinner on Christmas Eve at the KL Tower where we had a beautiful view of the whole city. The restaurant at the top of the tower moves in a clockwise rotation, so you can see everything. All the beautiful lights in the city and the high buildings were so breathtaking. I wore my new dark brown dress with a pair of neon heels and I did my hair up in a knot—very festive.

Our next stop was the Cameron Highlands, where we visited a tea plantation. I’ve never seen so much green! There were small shrubs all over the place and it smelled so fresh—it was like walking into the forest on the first day of spring. We drank our fair share of tea and my favourite was the mandarin peppermint blend. We also took a jungle trek to see the spectacular Robinson waterfalls, and it ended up being quite an adventure because it started pouring and the path was muddy and very small, so we were slipping and sliding all over the place with our sleek sneakers. But we survived and the next day we headed to Penang, where we decided to do something even more dangerous: parasailing! Have you ever done it? I was a bit scared, but when I finally got in the air (about 50 meters up!), all of my fear washed away and I could just enjoy the beautiful view. After just four blissful minutes, I was back on the ground. That afternoon we had a barbecue on Monkey Beach—it’s called that because there are literally monkeys everywhere! They were very cheeky, jumping all over the place and stealing food from everyone they could.

Before we knew it was New Year’s Eve and the hotel had organized a big party on the beach for the guests. The theme was the ’70s and I dressed the part in a black fringe skirt with a metallic peplum top and neon heels. Everyone was dancing to a lot of old disco music like “YMCA” by The Village People. I met a lot of people from all over the world and they were all so friendly. Just before midnight, we filled our glasses with champagne and counted down to the New Year under a clear night sky filled with stars.

We finished out our trip in Langkawi, the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. The sand on the beach was stark white. We had great weather, except for the day when we went fishing out on the open sea. But despite Mother Nature’s force, my father caught two huge barracudas.... we had one of them for dinner and it tasted delicious! The last two days, we lounged by the pool, worked on our tans, and let any remaining bits of stress melt away.

But now I’m back at it. And though part of me wishes I were still relaxing on the beach, there’s plenty coming up here that I’m excited about. Of course I have a lot to share on the blog—beginning with all the photos from my trip! (Every time I look back at them I get butterflies in my stomach!) Then I have tons of new outfits I want to feature, but I’m waiting for the weather to get better so my brother and I can go out and do some photo shoots. My brother is my cameraman, and I’m so lucky because he takes great photos and we always have a fun time together. I’m also working on some new DIY fashion projects and a few new beauty posts—I got lots of inspiration from our journey! But, most importantly, I need to focus on school and my exams, and I have to line up an internship with a fashion company…. I’m getting tired just thinking about everything I need to do! I think I need another vacation!

Lots of love from cold and white Holland,