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Postcard From: Sydney
Postcard From: Sydney

Postcard From: Sydney

These days, we find out about many of our friends’ shenanigans via overly filtered snapshots on Instagram or oh-so-witty tweets. But we’ve decided to revive the art of storytelling by recruiting some of our favourite girls from all over the world to write us postcards (OK, maybe they’re emails) detailing what they’re up to in the city they call home. Our first enlistee is superstar writer, stylist, and creative consultant Emma Read, who, being on the other side of the world, is enjoying Australia’s first festive signs of summer. Formerly a market editor at RUSSH, Read now holds the title of fashion editor at Grazia, and when the style connoisseur isn’t dressing celebrities or writing, she’s embarking on adventures around the streets of Sydney, showing off her latest ensemble. And taking detailed notes of everything that goes down so she can recount it all in great detail to us, of course.

FROM: Emma Read
TO: Aritzia
SUBJECT: Summertime Sadness–A.K.A., The First Sunburn of Summer
LISTENING TO: “Past Lives” by DIIV

Hola, chicas! Not the greeting you were expecting from an Australian, I suspect. But the sun is shining, and we are rollin’ into summer in my neck of the woods, so you can’t blame me for wanting to shower you with a little warm weather–induced enthusiasm. Maybe it’s the soundtrack (Herb Alpert always creeps his way back onto my iPod playlists this time of year) or the fact that Sydney, my humble little city, shakes off that winter funk and plays host to as many British backpackers as we can fit onto our Qantas A380s. Needless to say, towel space on Bondi Beach turns into something of a club-sandwich situation throughout the holidays.

Speaking of our mother country, I recently had the pleasure of meet-and-greeting a Brit from the non-backpacker end of the spectrum—Miss Georgia Jagger. She is, unsurprisingly, the perfect mix of the best parts of her parents: all full lips à la Mick and waves of blonde tresses straight off the head of her leggy Texan mother Jerry. She was in town in her role as the face of retail chain Sunglass Hut—home to the eyewear projects of Prada, Miu Miu, Dolce, et al.—and we Australians did what we do best, planting her on a floating island in the middle of windy Sydney Harbour for a party that felt vaguely like a Survivor challenge. As much as I wanted her to belt out a snippet of the Stones—even just a whistle of “Miss You” would do—unfortunately, it was not to be. Slightly disappointed, I then christened myself an honorary Jagger and decided to serenade my work colleagues with a Rolling Stones medley—and weren’t they just combusting with joy, as would anyone who enjoys the sound of cats wailing. Much to their relief, I got distracted by Miu Miu’s insane new sunglasses with suede inserts and promptly shut up.

In my mind, summertime welcomes the emergence of all of my favourite bands, DJs, and other musically accomplished types from winters spent in the studio. Cheap Monday hosted a throng of epic bands at their Christmas party recently—Panama, The Griswolds, and Cabins compelled me to unleash Elaine-from-Seinfeld-esque moves across the dance floor (in an “ironic” way, of course… trust me, I wasn’t the only one) to a furious mix of blues and ‘60s-psychedelic surf harmonies. If I’m only allowed one command during the course of this postcard, it’s to get onto Spotify right this second and let these bands lovingly assault your ears. Ten points to anyone who does a better Elaine than me (it’s all about perfecting that kick-slash-thumbs-up combo).


As is the universal law of get-togethers, not all parties are created equal. Coming to the close of the year, a lot of pat-on-the-back, mutual appreciation type of festivities take place, but one I made sure not to miss was the This Time It’s Personal exhibition party at Sun Studios. A mixture of young guns and older, Yoda-type photographers who taught them all there is to know about lighting and setting up a C-stand, This Time It’s Personal collects moments lovingly captured throughout the year. Think Julia Nobis in her Sharpie-graffitied school uniform, shot by Rene Vaile, and the misty salt flats of the Australian outback, by Simon Upton. All proceeds went to Movember, the charity that supports men’s health and has encouraged every male I know to dabble in some dubious examples of facial hair. Sydney is absolutely heaving with Tom Selleck lookalikes at the minute. So, ladies, if that’s not your bag, I suggest you stay on that plane and jump out at New Zealand.

Yours in sunny Sydney disposition,
Emma x